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It’s long over due that Headlock Muzak reach out to all of our listeners and fans. It’s important to us to keep you updated with our new projects, our current releases and scheduled performances of the 2010 Headlock Muzak Roster.  If you aren’t familiar with us or the history of who we are, here is a breakdown of who and what Headlock Muzak is…

Headlock Muzak is a music production company created and owned by veteran producer and recording artist Pale Soul of the North West Hip Hop super crew Oldominion.  The legendary crew, Oldominion, is the family of such artists as: Onry Ozzborn & JFK of Greyskul, Sleep of Strange Famous Records and The Chicharones,  Destro & Karim of Boom Bap Project, Bishop I of Dim Mak, and many other underground heroes of the rainy corner of the country.

Pale Soul, though specializing in producing records of any genre, began as an emcee and in 2004 released his debut album “Fear Is The Mind Killer” which became an underground classic and was a highly sought after album due to its limited release. It took five years but in 2009, Pale Soul released his intensely awaited sophomore LP “No One Gets Out Alive”.  Though different in feel and sound than his first release, NOGOA is a true display of Pale’s diversity and ability to create a hit in any genre of hip hop, reggae and soul.

Pale Soul is well known for two major qualities as an artist: stage presence and music production. His production can be found (www.discogs.com – search Pale Soul) on songs featuring such artists as; Abstract Rude, Spice-1, Cannibal Ox, Messy Marv, Rocker-T, Luni Corleone, J Ross Parrelli, E-40, Acey Alone, Sleep, and many more. With that said, along with his own label and projects, Pale created Headlock Muzak to produce high quality records with high caliber artists. Now back in his home town of Seattle, Washington, Pale has begun working towards getting his own label off the ground and has picked up local artists such as: LsDUB of Oldominion (SEA), Ripynt (SEA), Flawless of Bad Habitat (PDX), PMO-Slim (PDX), Zelly Rock (PDX) and DOOK aka Uncle Deucey (PDX) and is currently producing releases from all.

Pale Soul regularly tours the country and Headlock is now planning a “Back to School” tour for the months of October and November partially joined by J Ross Parrelli, and will feature Headlock artists Ripynt and LsDUB – if not the entire squad.

We encourage all of our fans to visit us at our website www.headlockmuzak.com for music, photos, video, and merchandise to explore.

Stay tuned for more news and updates of Headlock Muzak activity and current events. We love feedback so please feel free to holler at us!


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